The Gaide family from La Rosière: Roger, Gisèle and their three children, Nicolas, Aline and Marina, are delighted to welcome you into Chalets Le Tyrol, Le Panoramic and Le Planica.

The Gaide family is delighted to welcome you to their chalets, Le Tyrol-Le Panoramic

Roger and Gisèle Gaide, both La Rosière natives, built their chalets in traditional Savoyard style, using stone and wood.

Their daughters, Marina and Aline, took over the business in 2010 with the support of Gisèle and Roger.

They all want your holiday to be a success, and are only too happy to help you organise your stay to the tiniest detail. Having always lived in La Rosière, they are happy to share their love of skiing and their knowledge of the region, the mountain values and the local history with their guests.

About us:

Roger, a builder and skier.
In winter, Roger gets out on the slopes every day, regardless of the weather. He teaches at the ESF during school holidays, loves slalom skiing and takes part in the annual ski instructors’ challenge, where he finished 5th in 2017. He also enjoys ski touring, conquering remote summits without mechanical assistance.

In summer, Roger enjoys watching the local chamois, photography, hiking to the Lac du Retour, cycling to the Petit Saint Bernard pass, fishing in the local torrents and picking chanterelle mushrooms. He has mastered the art of yodelling and is chairman of the local choir, “La Voix des Alpages”.

Gisèle, a local heritage guide.
Gisèle enjoys going on snowshoe walks, breathing in the fresh mountain air, skiing down the Marmotte slope and painting.

In summer, she combs the local footpaths in search of old relics and strolls around the villages admiring the architecture of its ancient chalets. She is involved in the touristic management of the Haute-Tarentaise area and boasts the silver “médaille du tourisme”, which is awarded to people who have made a significant contribution to tourism for 17 years or more. She also sings in the local choir.

Gisèle and Roger are both passionate about history, collective memory and photography. Together, they have written several books about La Rosière, recording how mountain tourism has evolved in order to pass on the history of the local area to future generations.

“Vivre là-haut” – 1984 – out of print
“Le guide de vos vacances” – 1993 – out of print
and “100 ans là-haut” – 2000 – on sale, please contact us for details

“100 ans là-haut” (“100 years up there”) is a book that records the evolution from one way of life to another, from traditional agriculture to tourism, and how the mentality of the Alpine people has changed over the last century. With stunning pictures evoking the rural community of the 20th century, this is a book you will want to keep forever.

Nicolas runs “Le Planica”, a chalet with a swimming pool and spa located at the foot of the slopes, alongside his English wife, Fiona, and their son, Thomas, who was born in 2010. A member of the French ski jumping team until 1998, Nicolas is now a ski and snowboard instructor with the ESF in La Rosière. He enjoys doing jumps in the snowpark, going off-piste behind the Fort, and clowning around during the weekly torchlight descent and ski show. In summer, he restores old chalets with Roger, and goes trail biking and trail running.

He is a member of the resort’s tourism council.

Aline manages “Le Panoramic”, a chalet with a swimming pool and spa located at the foot of the slopes in Les Eucherts. After 6 years working in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry, she has settled back in her home region with her husband, Séverin. In winter, she enjoys telemark skiing, cross-country skiing, walking through the forest, sledging with her son Martin and skiing with daughter Juliette. In summer, she loves showing people around the region and learning about different cultures while backpacking through exotic countries. She also organises the Trail de La Rosière in July, and is involved in the running of the Tourist Office.

Marina runs “Le Tyrol”, a chalet with a swimming pool and spa located in the centre of La Rosière. A former competitive downhill skier, she is now an instructor with the ESF in La Rosière, where she teaches skiing and snowboarding. She lets off steam by going off-piste behind the Roc Noir, and trains hard on the slalom for the annual ski instructors’ challenge. In summer, she helps Roger and Nicolas build and maintain the chalets. She likes picking bilberries, chanterelle mushrooms and wild flowers with her grandmother, and sleeping under the moonlight near the family’s alpine chalet. She likes travelling the world with her other half, Jean-Christophe, and her little girl Léonie.