La Rosière 1850 resort

Summer and winter alike, the resort of La Rosière offers you activities, leisure and well-being near the Tyrol-Panoramic Les Eucherts residences.
Come and get some fresh air at an altitude of 1 850 m, in the sun.

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History of La Rosière at 1850 m altitude

Ideally located on the route du Col du Petit Saint Bernard, the alpine village of La Rosière began its tourist evolution in 1960. Previously, our grandparents were farmers, moving with their herds from village to village, tiered in the slope of the commune of Montvalezan.

Around the old chalets of yesteryear, with stone walls, wooden balconies and slate roofs, the inhabitants of La Rosière have built new chalets and residences at a very controlled pace, keeping the traditional character. Nestled between the still exploited alpine meadows and the spruce forest, La Rosière is growing on the side of Les Eucherts, an alpine sector located 600 m from the center of La Rosière.

A little flashback

In 1954, Jean Arpin built the bar of the Relais du Petit-Saint-Bernard, in 1956 he enlarged it with a hotel-restaurant.

In 1955, the Abbé Poupon built on the site of Les Eucherts a family vacation center named La Savoyarde; from July 1955, groups of children followed one another every July, with August reserved for families.

With its 2 poles, the summer activity comforted by the passage of the national road leading to Italy takes off: mountain walks, kermesses, cinema, musette evenings at the Relais are the distractions of the time.

In 1959, Jean Pivot mayor of the new municipal team motivated adopts the choice to make the 1st ski lift of the Poletta at the top of the road, volunteers from the village are solicited to assemble the poulis on the backs of men in the snow. It will be put into service on December 23, 1960.

A resort is born: a bar-hotel-restaurant of Jean Arpin (the relay of the Petit-Saint-Bernard), a ski instructor Alfred Possoz and a pole vaulter André Maitre welcome the customers!

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In 1961, thanks to private initiatives, the Poletta is no longer the only lift: Robert Arpin builds the Teleski du Livre Blanc, Alfred Possoz and Aimé Pivot the one of Dahu!

In 1963, the commune invested in the construction of the Roc Noir ski lift.

In the 1960s, the government favors the departure of children in holiday camps in the summer and in snow class in the winter, most of them still come back to make discover their vacation place.

From 1964 to 1975, a private developer “La Serma” obtains the concession of the ski area and the control of the real estate development with specifications that do not allow him to make large buildings as in other resorts. The director Mr. Fusilier, in love with the old chalets of the old village, designs a housing estate of 57 pretty chalets spaced. He requires that every tree cut down must be replaced by two new ones! (visionary 🙂 )

In 1975, the city council with Jean-Pierre Aubonnet at its head bought back “his developer”, a great first in France!

In 1985, Mayor Firmin Gaide (Roger’s brother) with the city council finalizes the project of the link with Italy with mechanical lifts. Before this date, the crossing was rocky! It is the adventure it is necessary to walk 3/4 of an hour or to be pulled by a snowcat. The return is no less sportive, you have to push on the sticks from the pass to the Rosière.

In 1986, Savoie was chosen for the 1992 Olympic Games, La Rosière did not host an event but its remarkable site was a must for the television broadcast of this event. La Rosière offering a breathtaking view of the Olympic resorts of Val d’Isère, Tignes, Les Arcs and La Plagne will have a new slogan “La Rosière, Balcony of the Olympic Games”. Already in 1937, Abbé Gaide wrote “The horizon of La Rosière is perhaps unique in this world”.

In 2002, the Blas family, a SOFIVAL company, took over the concession of the ski lifts for 30 years, investing every year in the remodeling of the slopes, the changing of the ski lifts, and the installation of snow guns.

In 2018, this company is making a dream come true for the people of La Rosière by installing two new chairlifts on Mont-Valaisan offering varied off-piste skiing and a breathtaking view at 2800m altitude.

La Rosiere today

Since then, La Rosière knows how to control itself and develops each year to best satisfy vacationers.

The development of this authentic village reflects the anchored values of the Montvalezanais: great adaptability, courage, attachment to the country and ambition bordering on risk-taking.

The success of the resort is the result of a increasing attendance. Holidaymakers appreciate: the panorama, the snow, the sun, the calm, the friendliness and welcome, the varied skiing, all in an enchanting setting with forests and typical chalets.

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Recent developments in the Eucherts in terms of accommodation and shops now allow this place to be almost autonomous with ski lifts, ESF, day care center, tourist office, sports stores as in La Rosière.

A forest path, pedestrian, lit and easy connects La Rosière and Les Eucherts. This contemplative walk encourages the gaze over the entire Haute Tarentaise valley stopping so willingly on the majestic Mont-Pourri which culminates at 3779 m before switching to the resort of Arcs 1950, Arcs 2000 and Bourg-St-Maurice.

The sun floods the resort at least 9 hours at Christmas. From sunrise to sunset, the slopes are in the sun!

If you also need an open environment with an unobstructed 240° view, then La Rosière is the place for you!

Is there snow at La Rosière ? the eternal question: here are some elements of answers.
La Rosière 1850 m often holds the snow records thanks to its strategic position at the foot of Mont Blanc on the Italian side and a stone’s throw from the Petit-Saint-Bernard pass. The winter season ends at the end of April and we ski until the last day!

See the snow statistics :

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